let’s talk about money, part i: an introduction

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If you find it impolite or improper or tacky to discuss money, I invite you to nope your way far from this blog post right now, ’cause that’s what I’m about to do, and I don’t have time for yer judgment.

If, however, it just makes you uncomfortable to discuss money because you find it intimidating and want to cover your ears like a kid and sing that annoying Naughty Boy song (feat. Sam Smith) to yourself, I encourage you to 1) keep reading and 2) listen to Harry Styles croon about how he’s been prayin’ ever since New York instead of listening to effing Naughty Boy.*

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Why I’m Blogging About Money (in theory)

I have a few reasons for wanting to discuss money on this blog.

  1. I like seeing what other people do with their money, so I figure others might like seeing what I do with mine.
  2. It keeps me accountable when I document and publicize my spending and saving, which helps keep me on track for meeting my financial goals.
  3. I think, perhaps, I feel like I need to justify my life choices, because I work as a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I get paid like a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I feel guilty about it. (But not ashamed – I feel responsible, but I don’t feel like I’ve done something wrong, although some acquaintances have treated me as if I have, and press about Silicon Valley/Bay Area tech workers is generally (rightfully) negative.)
  4. After speaking with several people in circumstances similar to mine (Asian American, living at home, etc.), I’ve concluded that sharing the details of my own situation will help others feel more confident in their current and future life choices when it comes to money.
  5. As much as I hate the concept of valuing people’s lives and existences based on how productive they are in an economic system that favors a small group of people and leaves the rest behind, I do not live in a void, and neither do you (unless you’re a cryptid, I guess), and money is an important tool for achieving your life goals. It is virtually unavoidable (except for you cryptids out there; shoutout to my pals deep in the mountains and woods who are somehow still reading this post!!), so it’s in your best interest to learn to use this tool wisely.

I hope that in writing these posts I can encourage others (especially young women, who are, on the whole, less financially literate than men) to educate themselves about personal finance and financial planning, so that we can all make informed decisions about our futures.

In addition, I hope that these posts will help others see what I and so many others already know: that making life choices that don’t look like everyone else’s version of #TheAmericanDream doesn’t mean you’re a loser – it probably means you’re smart with your money.

Why I’m Blogging About Money (in practice)

The purpose of this blog is to document and provide an outlet for my obsessions, and I am obsessed with money.

But let me be clear – I’m not fixated on living a champagne life. I don’t value material possessions or luxurious lifestyles (though I think they’re very nice to have), but I do value the security and freedom that comes with the accumulation of wealth.

The truth is that I am terrified of not having money, because it would mean being unable to take care of my family. That’s the whole of it. I am obsessed with money because my family is the most important thing in my life, bar literally nothing. (I consider my family more important than my partner until such time as he becomes family, and more important than myself in that it is far greater motivation for me to take care of myself for my family’s sake than for my own. Maybe this is unhealthy, but for me it is #survival and a #copingmechanism for plodding through this tiny, insignificant human life.)

I didn’t always know this, but it’s amazing how fire exposes our priorities, and every time life gets difficult, I am reminded that I am 100% one of those ride-or-die Family First people. It’s just a fact of life for me, one that makes the big decisions simpler and keeps my aim true – my family comes first.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (Posts About Money From Me)

I do not plan to share my net worth or my salary on this blog, but I will do my best to balance financial transparency with my own privacy and safety. In future posts in this (unstructured) series, you should expect to see

  • an overview of my finances
  • long-term financial goals and how I plan to achieve them
  • what I’ve spent my money on recently
  • thoughts about how money ties into my life and career choices
  • and other topics yet to be determined

This brief introduction barely scratches the surface of what I want to discuss, but I hope it’s piqued your interest and given you a good idea of what to expect from me next. I’m going to try to avoid writing indigestibly long posts, so I’ll leave off here, but stay tuned for Part II, where I lay out my current financial situation, coming soon to a (computer) screen near you.

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