How I Spent My Money: April 2017

This post contains affiliate links, because I like money, but I s2g I wrote this post before adding the affiliate links and the monetization does not affect my opinions.

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As part of my effort to be financially #accountable, I’m going to try logging my monthly spending on this blog. I can’t make any guarantees about how consistent these posts will be, but here’s how April went.

Total spending: -$1457

(This is how much I spent in the month of April outside of fixed expenses. I track my expenses in whole dollars, always rounded up.)

First of all, lemme say… I went way, waaay over budget this month. This is mostly because of this first category here, which blew up pretty much overnight and continues to be hella expensive:

Emergency family-related expenses: -$640

This includes vending machine snacks while in the hospital, groceries and takeout for 4 people, and Lyft rides to and from work (for the injured, not for me). Being the temporary breadwinner of the family? ғᴇᴇʟs ʙᴀᴅ ᴍᴀɴ.

Eating out with my partner: -$217

This is under budget. Of that amount, $114 was spent on brunch, which is the meal we get the most satisfaction out of when eating out. $83 was spent on dinner, including one memorable Domino’s delivery ($12) wherein I finally got to see the Domino’s iOS app in action. (The design is very 2014, but now I see why my partner was so excited about it… two years ago.)

I should note that during the month of April, I briefly footed the entire bill for our meals during the handful of days when my partner was technically unemployed. I mean, technically he’s still unemployed, but it wasn’t long before we #confirmed that he would be starting a new job in June, at which point we decided to start splitting 60/40 even though his current income is nonexistent. (We’re splitting 60/40 based on salary alone, but he’ll be receiving (much) more overall compensation than me, so he insists on paying some of the time. I insist that we sign a prenup.)

Eating out with friends: -$16

My friends and I have always been cheap, but I also only hung out with friends twice this past month, which helps. (Boba dates for the win! Also, a free playdate with this heckin good doggo, c/o Spenser:

This is Momo. She’s an Old English Sheepdog puppy aka 60 pounds of hECkiN ViCiOuS AffECtiON.

It’s a bit hard to tell from these GIFs, but Momo has heterochromia.

This is Spenser playing tug-of-war with Momo using the innocent Mr. Moose.

This is Spenser holding Mr. Moose’s tail, which Momo ripped off while playing tug-of-war. RIP in pieces, Mr. Moose.

In which the camera operator is viciously attacked with Momo licks.

5000/10, would rub belly again.)

Necessary: -$203

Of this necessary spending, $68 went to TurboTax (I did my own taxes this year! I AM THE BEST), and $1 to Amazon’s AWS for hosting my portfolio site.

I also spent $18 on U by Kotex pads because my partner received a coupon while we were shopping and we decided to use it immediately.

Innisfree was having a BOGO promotion on their cleansing oils, so I spent $70 on eight (8!!!) bottles of cleansing oil (Olive Real and Apple Juicy), plus 7 samples of the Green Tea Seed Serum, which I plan to take with me for a couple of upcoming short trips, and 2 eyebrow pencils, because they’re damn good and damn cheap.

innisfree bogo sale cleansing oil purchases korean beauty kbeauty

(I buy so many skincare products so frequently that I have to mark all my purchases with the month/year they were purchased in so I know which ones to use next. That’s why some of those bottles have Sharpie on them.)

I also spent $46 on Amazon on the following:

  • Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue, because I’m running low on makeup wipes and I like how moisturizing these are
  • this comedone extractor because if I can’t stop picking at my skin, I think I should at least have the right tools for it (I just picked one that had good reviews and wasn’t sponsored)
  • CosRx Natural BHA Skin Returning A Sol. My first bottle is running out, and this is basically a Holy Grail spot treatment for me, so I had to repurchase it. This stuff smells a bit like stinky tofu, but it’s so good that it’s what prompted my Amazon order in the first place.
  • CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. Another repurchase, even though I’ve still got an unopened tube at home. I’ve been using this as both a foaming cleanser for my face and as a scalp cleanser for my hair (in conjunction with the Hado Labo Gokujun cleansing oil) in lieu of shampoo. (Also one of my aunts stayed with us for a couple weeks last month and ran through at least half a tube, which is why mine ran out so quickly.)

Fun spending: -$381

I spent $250 on a week-long Sur La Table baking workshop as an early birthday present for my cousin, specifically because she wants to learn how to make macarons. It was pricey, but I think it will be worth it because she loves cooking, and macarons are finicky as heck, so it seems like a formal cooking class would be the best place to learn the right technique for ’em.

I also purchased the Kindle edition of The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon for $3, because my GoodReads email said it was on sale, and I LOVED The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, so I figured I should give another Michael Chabon book a try.

And, finally, I spent $128 on a flight to my friend’s wedding this fall, which is priceless, etc., etc. (And which is also a great price. That’s $128 round trip from SF to LA.)


I went over budget in two of my spending categories, but I’m okay with that. The big ticket items were the baking workshop (flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed a gift, gladly given), skincare (all of which are top-ups except the comedone remover, so no regrets there), and emergency expenses. Very little of my spending was frivolous, which seems like a good indication that I’m not buying things for the hell of it as often these days. A good thing.

Here’s to May, pals.

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