high-neck, high-waisted one-piece swimsuit of my goddang dreams

This post contains affiliate links, because I like money, but I s2g I wrote this post before adding the affiliate links and the monetization does not affect my opinions.

My partner and I are taking a quick trip to San Luis Obispo in a few weeks before he starts his new job, and I am PSYCHED to be taking a mini-vacation where I can spend most of the time half-naked instead of swaddled in layers of thermal underwear and puffer coats. (We’ve only been on trips together during the wintertime so far.)

For me, hot weather = flimsy bralettes and no underwire, so I was window shopping on Aerie as I am wont to do when I came across THESE AMAZING HIGH-NECK ONE PIECE SWIMSUITS:

aerie cutout ring one piece swimsuit maillot green

Cutout Ring One Piece Swimsuit in Team Green, $46.95 $40 at Aerie

Cutout Ring One Piece Swim Suit in Valentine, $52.95 $40 at Aerie

OhHhHhH my GOD. The high neck, the high waist, the torso cutouts!!! The green one feels kind of chic and modernized-retro, whereas the striped one honestly reeks of, like, the early 2000s to me, but in the best way?!

I already have a weakness for one-piece swimsuits/maillots because I think they’re way sexier than bikinis or two-pieces (plus you can actually swim in them), but I’m also particularly inclined to fall hard for high-necked swimsuit options because I have keloid scarring on my sternum area (from very mild pubescent acne that healed badly and scarred over into a few disproportionately large masses of raised scar tissue).

In the past I’ve just been like fuck it!!! I’ll wear whatever I want and people can avert their eyes if I’m too unsightly for them!!!, but the fact remains that my scars still get irritated and red and itchy and painful sometimes (a common complaint among people prone to keloids), and I am self-conscious about them.

That, plus the fact that scars sunburn more easily than other skin, plus the fact that owning a high-necked swimsuit that my boobs will actually stay put in would buy me a bit of mental freedom… seem to add up to I should buy at least one of these…

Shouldn’t I?

[EDIT: Reader, I bought them. They fit pretty well, although my bustline is quite low so I have to shove my boobs way up or else half of them hang out of the torso cutout. The fabric covering the torso also doesn’t lie perfectly flat on my body, but it helps the fit a lot if I tie the straps really tight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Worth it.]

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