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This post contains affiliate links, because I like money, but I s2g I wrote this post before adding the affiliate links and the monetization does not affect my opinions.

Heya. Since my last update, I…

…was informed that our landlords are selling the house we live in (we live on the top floor; they live below us). lol.

If we decide to stay put, the current owners can’t evict us, but the new owners potentially could. We might also have to deal with people coming in to view the unit while we’re still living here, which is less than ideal at the best of times, and it is certainly not the best of times.

If we decide to move, the owners have graciously offered to put off the house sale for a few weeks so we can get out before they start showing it (although we assume their main motivation for suggesting we leave is because it’s easier to sell a house without existing tenants).

We’ve looked at a couple places already, both in and out of the city (and frankly, I would never have considered living outside the city if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic). Prices are indeed slightly better than they were a few years ago, but (insert endless screaming)!

So that’s first and foremost on my mind!!!!!!!!!

Aside from that, since my last update, I…

…received and started working on my 1000-piece Suho Self-Portrait puzzle! I pre-ordered this back in early May, and I was very excited when it finally arrived because it’s SO pretty.

exo suho self portrait solo album puzzle - smglobalshop

It comes with what I think is a little packet of glue and a glue applicator for the completed puzzle.

This is my first time doing a puzzle with my partner, and it’s just as meditative as I remember it being when I was little.

exo suho self portrait solo album puzzle - smglobalshop - wip

an early progress shot, when we were still picking out all the edge pieces

exo suho self portrait solo album puzzle - smglobalshop - in progress - borders edges eyes

left: the completed border, with some progress on one of the portraits. right: pieces with bits of eyeballs and lips (lol).

Unfortunately, I keep getting really bad tension headaches from hunching over when I’m puzzling, so I have to work on it in very short bursts. A disappointing reminder that I’m not getting any younger!!

…watched Knives Out, loved it. It’s wacky and funny and deliciously over the top.

…read Open Book by Jessica Simpson. She seems like a genuinely kind person, someone who was treated cruelly by life, but who, in response, decided the purpose of her existence was to put out nothing but love and good energy. And I respect that deeply, even if she’s so far removed from my own personality and interests that I know I’d never be friends with her. She just seems really nice.

Also, can I just say… It’s relieving to know that at least one of the pop stars whom pubescent-me felt like she was expected to imitate also felt deeply uncomfortable with showing skin and wearing low-rise jeans and coping with the mere existence of her boobs.

I wasn’t exactly a Jessica Simpson fan when she was releasing music alongside Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (I’ve always preferred Britney’s music, even back then), but I still LOVE “I Think I’m in Love with You”, a pop bop for the ages.

…pre-ordered the NCT WayV Fleur Zine. Proceeds go to Meals on Wheels, an organization I wholeheartedly recommend supporting. (It’s got the maximum 4-star rating on Charity Navigator) and it’s an especially crucial service for homebound seniors during this pandemic.) I pre-ordered a digital copy of the zine, plus a pack of stickers!

nct wayv fleur zine and sticker pack

I’m not big on NCT or WayV fic (for various reasons, but the biggest one is that most of the members still feel like kids to me and I just don’t want to read stories centered around them), but judging by the fanartists involved, the zine is gonna be gooorgeous.

…read Uncanny Valley: A Memoir by Anna Wiener. I highly recommend this for anyone who’s worked in Silicon Valley, but honestly, I started out super annoyed by the author’s naiveté and disdain for how the tech industry is run. For example, she (or, like, her younger self) seems to think that typical Silicon Valley work perks like adequate vacation days and remote working options and inclusive meal options for people with dietary restrictions are somehow examples of coddling, rather than examples of being treated relatively humanely in a capitalist society. She writes like an anthropologist describing an alien culture, often in what I felt was a mean-spirited away.

That being said! She’s remarkably good at observation, and good GOD does she get San Francisco’s tech industry right. (One should hope so; she worked in it for several years.) Silicon Valley’s startup culture absolutely deserves the level of scrutiny she gives it, because so much of it is bullshit lol. I think what rankled me at first was her general distaste for technology in general, whereas I’d’ve trusted her more as a narrator if she specifically only disliked the Silicon Valley brand of technology. Like, technology can be really great!! Technology that runs on hot air and advertising money probably is not great! Conflating the two is a gross oversimplification!

Luckily, over the course of the book, it becomes clearer that her discomfort lies with herself – she seems really frustrated that she bought into the Silicon Valley hype, and this book is, in part, an attempt to absolve herself of having worked in the tech industry (which, like pretty much everything, is a piece of the big capitalism machine and therefore inherently exploitative).

She makes a point of not referring to any tech companies by name, instead referring to e.g. Facebook as “the social network everyone hated.” It’s kind of annoying, but it’s also kind of fun to work out all the references. I ended up consulting this glossary someone made because I wasn’t sure about every company (or person or venue) she mentioned. (For the record, the analytics company she worked at was Mixpanel, which was used at my first tech job, and the open-source startup she worked at was GitHub, which I started using before I ever got my first tech job. Also, Gold Club’s lunch buffet is really cheap but the fare is mediocre.)

This is going to make my post too long, but oh well. Here are some quotes and some comments:

“If, in New York, I had never considered that there were people behind the internet, in San Francisco it was impossible to forget.” – She says this like it’s a bad thing, but honestly I’ve always thought that it’d be really, really dangerous to forget that there are people behind the internet. I actually find it terrifying that people genuinely think of software as, like, this magic thing that just IS, rather than a thing that people made and wrote at some point. It’s all made by people! People who make mistakes!!

“There was one small exception: whenever we went out drinking, the account manager would, without fail, turn to me at the end of the night and ask me to slap him across the face. I knew it probably carried some sexual gratification for him, but I didn’t care—it was very cathartic.” – Literally worked with a guy who asked me to slap him in the face repeatedly when he got really drunk. (I did it. It was cathartic. He was my tech lead.)

“I wanted the men on my team to think I was smart and in control, and to never imagine me naked. I wanted them to see me as an equal—I cared less about being accepted by men sexually than I did about being accepted, full stop. I wanted to avoid, at all costs, being the feminist killjoy.” – LITERALLY ME IN COLLEGE

“As a software engineer, Ian had never encountered a job market with no space for him; he didn’t know what it felt like not to have mobility, options, not to be desired. He loved what he did and could easily command three times my salary. No company would ever neglect to offer him equity. He was his own safety net.” – She also says this like it’s a bad thing. I guess it is, because to be a software engineer receiving a disproportionately large salary is to be part of an exploitative system. But some people genuinely love programming! And some people don’t, but they become software engineers specifically so they can have mobility, options, high salaries, equity, and the ability to be their own safety net! If you can afford to not be your own safety net because you have nobody else you need to keep safe other than yourself, congratulations!! Some of us need to keep other people alive!!!

“…how it was frowned upon to acknowledge that a tech job was a transaction rather than a noble mission or a seat on a rocket ship…Why did it feel so taboo, I asked, to approach work the way most people did, as a trade of my time and labor for money? Why did we have to pretend it was all so fun?” – yesyesyesyesyesyesyes

“Former employees of the open-source startup still hung out in a chat room, an unaffiliated alumni club where people tried to poach one another for their startups between debates over whether or not our stock options would ever be worth anything.” – I am in chat rooms for both of the tech startups I worked at, and one of them is literally named [company name]-alumni.

“There was so much potential in Silicon Valley, and so much of it just pooled around ad tech, the spillway of the internet economy.” – big yeet. this is the actual problem with sv

“Working in tech had provided an escape from the side of my personality that was emotional, impractical, ambivalent, and inconvenient—the part of me that wanted to know everyone’s feelings, that wanted to be moved, that had no apparent market value.” – BIGGEST YEET

Anyway, in case I haven’t been clear enough, I strongly recommend this book! I didn’t enjoy all of the contents, but that’s because I don’t enjoy everything about startup culture and the tech industry. The author’s a very good observer and writer, and her story was very, very true to life, IMO.

(I don’t know why I read two memoirs by women in a row, but I wouldn’t do it again. I say this not because they were written by women, but because I often have a hard time with memoirs. I have a tendency to get way, WAY too into the author’s head, which, depending on what the author is writing about, can really destroy my mood in a way that seeps into other parts of my life. As I’ve said before, I’m like an emotional reptile whose emotional temperature is directly related to what I’m being exposed to/absorbing.)

…pre-ordered the NASA space perfume (Eau de Space)!

eau de space - nasa space perfume kickstarter

Alkemia Perfumes actually already has a fragrance that’s meant to smell like space, Center of the Universe, but the Kickstarter one has a STEM education component, which is neat. (It’s also an eau de parfum instead of a perfume oil like Alkemia’s.) I think Alkemia’s got a cooler scent description though – they mention that “In a vast dust cloud at the center of the Milky Way there is an abundance of ethyl formate, a simple aliphatic ester found in the smell of rum and raspberries.” SCIENCE!

…switched my Spotify Family account to Spotify Duo so I can save $2/month. I had a Premium account for myself, but my partner realized I was paying for Spotify Premium while he was paying for Apple Music, so we consolidated into one Spotify Family account. Since there are only two of us, we weren’t making full use of the Family account anyway, so it’s nice that Duo is finally available in the US.

…ordered some exercise equipment for myself from Gaiam. I got hand weights (3, 5, 8, and 10 pounds), 2 yoga blocks, and a yoga strap. I know 3 pounds is ridiculously light, but I really need to work on my wrist strength so I can comfortably exercise again. My wrists have been Crunchy for almost a fuckin decade now, because of an old tendinitis hand injury, but after physical therapy, I was able to do yoga consistently for a few years without any wrist issues. More recently, I think my wrists have reverted back to their former shitty functionality because of horrific posture (the desk/chair height at my last job was godawful and not sized for a petite woman), so I plan to use the 3-pound weights for PT exercises again. 🙁

The other hand weights are for, like, pilates-type stuff, and the yoga blocks and strap are for… yoga. It’s just been so long since I’ve done yoga regularly that a lot of things I used to do with ease are now really difficult, and I need some assistance. 🙁

…changed my lockscreen a few times:

exo lockscreen wallpaper phone background - baekhyun delight - baekhyun w magazine - exo-sc 1 billion views

Top two are what I had at the beginning of July – a pic of Baekhyun from his Delight album as my lockscreen, and a pic of Baekhyun from his W Magazine shoot as my home screen. (The screenshot looks weird because my 1AM logic convinced me I needed to take out all my icons so you could see Baekhyun…) Bottom left is what I had leading up to the release of EXO-SC’s 1 Billion Views, and bottom right is my current lockscreen and home screen.

…have been dealing with a lingering on-and-off headache for over a week now. At first I thought it was from hunching over the table while working on our new puzzle, but I’ve taken a break from all puzzling for several days in a row now, and my neck and temples and eyeball are all still achy and throbbing. I was taking Advil for a while, but I stopped when I realized it was just temporarily dulling the pain. I don’t know what’s going on! But I know my neck and shoulders are very, very tense, so it’s probably just a really bad tension headache. :\

…wore A Lab on Fire’s What We Do In Paris Is Secret and Essential Parfums’ The Musc to bed, because I didn’t particularly like them when I tested them. To my surprise, they make GREAT bed/sleep perfumes?! Previously, I was applying NEST Dahlia & Vines before bed solely because I wanted to use up my little sample rollerball, but WWDIPIS and The Musc are SO much more soporific. I think it’s because they’re both super soft and warm, borderline fluffy, and soothingly musky. To me, they smell the way falling onto a very soft bed feels, like a contented sigh, or nuzzling into someone as you fall asleep. For whatever reason, I’m not interested in having my body smell like these things, but I really enjoy smelling these things as, like, part of my pre-bed ambience. They’re just very nice, and I’m glad I’ve found a happiness-inducing use for these fragrance samples.

…retried Le Labo’s Lys 41 after reading the Now Smell This review and LOVED it. It probably helps that I did a double spritz instead of a single one, but I got the florals way more clearly than the first time I tried it. It does still have this overall suggestion of sunscreen to it, but after reading this Bois de Jasmin post, I think that’s actually just the tuberose I’m getting. The presumably-tuberose floral is suuuper creamy and borderline coconutty (hence the sunscreen/vacation aroma), in a way that I find kind of heartbreakingly lovely. It’s got something gorgeously vulgar about it too, like a super ripe, super lush openness, like a flower in full bloom, like someone lying in bed naked with their legs spread, if that makes sense to anyone other than me. It’s beautiful and explicit, but not in a shameful way?? Anyway, now I want to try more fragrances with tuberose notes!

…switched out my Kate Spade tote bag (a gift from my little cousin) for a little brown vintage leather crossbody that I’ve had in my closet since before college. I realized I don’t need to be carrying so much stuff these days (like, I don’t need two kinds of sunscreen, a mini apothecary, backup makeup and skincare, etc.) when all I’m doing outside of the house is 1) walking or 2) running short errands.

On a related note, the clear zipper pouch with glitter confetti that I used as my bag-inside-my-bag (for wrangling keys, a compact mirror, tinted lip balm, hand cream, extra hair ties, ballpoint pens, a mini flashlight, and pepper spray, possibly among other things) finally fell apart enough that I could justify retiring it. The zipper pull snapped off and wouldn’t stay snapped back on (and I didn’t feel like finding a replacement zipper pull), so I knew it was time to say goodbye. I’d already kept it way longer than it was probably designed to be used, considering that it was ripping at the seams and I patched it with packing tape to keep the confetti from leaking out.

clear vinyl zipper pouch glitter confetti - glitterdisaster etsy

This was clear when I bought it…

Luckily, I anticipated this happening several years back, and my partner bought me a replacement glitter confetti zipper pouch that I’ve been holding on to for this very occasion! Both zipper pouches are from Glitter Disaster on Etsy.

clear vinyl zipper pouch glitter confetti - glitterdisaster etsy - purple silver

This one’s slightly larger than my old pouch, and it has purple stitching and hardware, with silver holographic confetti inside.

clear vinyl zipper pouch glitter confetti - glitterdisaster etsy - silver glitter closeup


…received a SUPER damaged Baekhyun Delight (Chemistry version) album from SubKShop. :\ Their customer service has been good, though I have to return the damaged album in order to receive a new one, which is a little annoying.

The first-press pre-order poster arrived a few days before the album did, and the poster tube was punctured so that the cardboard was starting to unspiral. The poster itself has big repeated wrinkles/creases down the middle, from where the poster tube was ripped open, and the right edge of the poster has a lot of wrinkles and creases from where it was crushed under the end cap of the poster tube. (The ripped up poster tube is probably the courier’s fault, but the end cap issue is definitely the fault of whoever packed it.)

subkshop - baekhyun delight chemistry - preorder benefit poster damaged wrinkled creased

I probably should’ve put a border between these two pics, but the left photo shows the giant repeated creases/wrinkles, and the right photo shows some of the creasing on the edge of the poster.

The album arrived in a box that was completely crushed out of shape. The album itself is so damaged it’s kind of comical… It’s supposed to be magazine sized and shaped, like the other versions of Delight, but mine arrived so bent of shape that it permanently resembles the letter M/W from the top view. It’s 3D instead of flat…

subkshop - baekhyun delight chemistry album damaged

The customer service rep I talked to said they might not be able to replace my poster (since it’s a pre-order benefit), and it’s too expensive to send a new one unless they fold it, but at least they provided a shipping label for me to return the album…

…ordered some perfume samples from Sucreabeille, an indie perfume company popular on r/indiemakeupandmore. I went with the following:

  • Compass Rose (the ocean on a stormy morning; crisp white sails floating in the breeze, anchored to a mossy, kelp-strewn ship; pipe tobacco; bay rum; a perfect red rose and a lingering touch of vanilla)
  • Sunshine and Low Tide (sand and seafoam, kelp and tidal pools)
  • Beekeeper’s Daughter (pure honeycomb, freshly harvested from the hive; a blooming herb garden full of clary sage, fennel, and thyme; peach blossoms and a touch of medicinal camphor)
  • Fig Tree (Warm late summer figs offered on a platter with warm honeycomb, almonds, coumarin, and sips of red wine)
  • Victoriana (deceptively delicious bergamot black tea, fresh milk, honey straight from the hive, oat milk, freshly grated ginger and nutmeg)
  • Byzantine (many strong cups of black tea, burnt sugar, a library of old books, leather)

(I was very torn on including Sea Hag (Cool rain on the fierce ocean. Petrichor, sour limes and sweet oranges), Apricot Tree (Fresh, tangy apricots, fizzing bubbles, a dash of herbal sage), and Cream Tea (Hot milky chai tea, fresh scones slathered with raspberry jam and honey), among others.)

Based on what I’ve sampled from LuckyScent, I think I’m drawn to atmospheric fragrances, so I’m hoping Sunshine and Low Tide will be as evocative of beachy brininess as the description seems to suggest. Even if it ends up not being particularly wearable, the experience of smelling something that paints a vivid picture in your mind is just really neat and worth savoring, I think. Compass Rose is also an oceanic sort of scent, but I’m hoping it’ll be more wearable, with the tobacco, bay rum, rose, and vanilla notes.

Based on its description (and the reviews I could find on Reddit), I’m expecting Beekeeper’s Daughter to be basically all honey and savory herbs, which sounds really yummy to me, although people seem to either love it or hate it from the reviews I’ve seen.

Fig Tree seems universally adored from the reviews I was able to find, and I think I like fig in fragrances (at least based on how much I liked Fig Tea by Parfums de Nicolai/Nicolai Parfumeur Createur), so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this one.

I debated between Victoriana and Cream Tea for a long time (both have delicious-sounding descriptions and ardent fans on r/indiemakeupandmore), but I ultimately went with Victoriana because I like black tea more than chai. I also chose Byzantine as another tea fragrance, but Victoriana sounds like more of an English tea, with bergamot and milk and honey, whereas Byzantine sounds darker and a little more atmospheric than gourmand.

I got these as eau de parfum samples, but Sucreabeille also offers perfume oil formulations. I’ve never tried perfume oils before (apparently there’s a whole thing about letting perfume oils settle after they arrive, and about the scent and ingredients aging over time), so I thought EDP would be a safer bet. I’ve seen quite a few people on Reddit say that none of Sucreabeille’s fragrances work on their skin, so I’m hoping 1) I’m not one of those people and 2) that’s an artifact of perfume oil, which is more skin-dependent than eau de parfum.

…ordered some perfume samples from Death And Floral, another indie perfume company popular on r/indiemakeupandmore. (I ordered from Sucreabeille first because they were doing a promo, but Death and Floral was the brand that convinced me to try indie in the first place. They just have SUCH good names and descriptions for their fragrances!)

I went with these:

All my D&F choices are gourmands. I don’t have much else to say about them other than that I had a very, VERY hard time narrowing down to only 4 samples. I also strongly considered “Two cups of tea, a summer monsoon, and me and you.” (Rain on cracked soil, wet creosote, a swelling monsoon, desert cedar, black tea.) (but I already have Le Labo Baie 19 as my resident petrichor right now), “If the sharks don’t get to you first, the sun will.” (Realistic sunscreen, hot summer sun, salty beach waves splashing around a wooden raft.) (but I already ordered a couple oceanic scents from Sucreabeille, and at the time that I made my D&F order, I considered Le Labo Lys 41 to be a sunscreen-y scent), “Buried beneath the shallow hay” (Aging barn wood, the musk of a lingering spirit, old and weathered hay bales.) (but I already have Dusita Erawan as my resident hay scent).

Unfortunately, Death And Floral doesn’t offer EDP samples, so they’re going to be my first foray into the world of perfume oils. I’m not particularly enthused about the concept of perfume oils (how they can go rancid, how they can stain your clothes, how they usually sit much closer to the skin), but maybe D&F will change my mind.

…ordered some hair conditioner from Cocoapink, because I want my hair to smell like vanilla-y food (weirdly I only want my hair, not my skin, to smell like this), and honestly I need to wash my hair more often so I feel more human. (This is another brand popular on r/indiemakeupandmore.) I ordered 6-oz bottles of Shine Sweetie conditioner in Apricot Eyelet (Juicy golden apricots swirled with our heavenly Frosted Eyelet (buttercream, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream)), Ivory Eyelet (Buttercream, lemon curd, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream), and Oriental Jade Iced Tea (Black and green tea infused with ice cold shots of coconut milk, fresh sweet cream and sugar all poured over ice then accented with fresh peppermint leaves). Do they not sound delicious?!

…ordered some perfume samples from Olympic Orchids Perfume. (They’re running their annual 20% of promo until the end of July, so if you’re interested in any of their fragrances, now’s the time!) I ordered the following:

  • Siam Proun (which has since been discontinued, so I’m not sure I’ll be getting my sample after all, but the description says it’s an “aromatic oriental” and was inspired by the perfumer’s childhood memories)
  • Night Flyer (this is inspired by bats, and apparently this is the original formulation of Zoologist’s current Bat perfume)
  • Blackbird (tawny dry grass, fir and cedar trees baking in the sun releasing their sharp, incense-like resins, and juicy ripe blackberries tempting us and the blackbirds with their jammy, musky sweetness)
  • Kingston Ferry (I came across this one via one of @rachsyme‘s Perfume Genies; a sunny morning when the fog is still hanging over the water, the tide’s going out, and there’s the promise of a great adventure by water)
  • Woodcut (ancient trees inhabited by spirits from a time when the earth was new, the flowing sap of felled trees, and the burnt sugar of the trees’ blood when it is heated by the saws of lumbermen and builders)
  • Golden Cattleya (The scent of this orchid is pure gold, creating a warm and long-lasting aura like late afternoon sunshine)

These are all EDPs, and I think I’m most excited to smell Night Flyer, Kingston Ferry, and Golden Cattleya.

…ordered some perfume samples from Forelsket, a newly opened indie perfumery whose launch I found out about through r/indiemakeupandmore. I ordered these:

  • Frigg (rose petals steeped in gin, amber, oud, and tart lemon candies)
  • Idun (iced green tea, heliotrope, fresh raspberries, cucumber slices, apple slices, with a splash of whiskey)
  • Sommer 2020 (dry grass, super sweet corn, a juicy peach, hyacinth, and the well-worn wood of a picnic table)

These are all perfume oils, and I am SO curious about how that corn note in Sommer 2020 is going to smell.

…listened to

Hwasa’s 1st mini album, María. I really like the title track, “Maria”, but I was actually expecting it to sound more like “Intro: Nobody else” from the teaser clips. The title track is understandably way more upbeat, but the intro is really pretty and haunting. “WHY” is a little heartbreaking because Hwasa sings “Why don’t you love me?” over and over (which just makes me think of all the harsh public criticism she’s received over her looks and body and clothing choices), and my favorite track on the album is “LMM”, which is just gorgeous.

WOODZ’s “Love Me Harder”, which is a bop. I listened through the rest of his EQUAL mini album, and I also really like “BUCK” (which features punchnello).

“Make Up” by Sam Kim (feat. Crush). I LOVED this song when it came out, but I forgot about it until Baekhyun covered it during a VLive recently. It’s so SEXY.

Irene & Seulgi’s 1st mini album, Monster, which I reallllly like. My favorite track is definitely “Jelly” (A BIG BUBBLY BOP!), but I keep getting “Diamond” and “Feel Good” stuck in my head too. The title track, “Monster”, is dark and catchy and has a really aesthetically pleasing music video:

(See this thread if you’re asking yourself “Why is monster so gay?”)

EXO-SC’s first album, 1 Billion Views. My favorite tracks are the title track, “1 Billion Views” (which features Moon), “Telephone” (which features 10cm), and Sehun’s solo track, “On Me”. All 3 of them have GR8 music videos, and I’m embedding all of them here (lmao) but “1 Billion Views” has the best aesthetic, “Telephone” has the best outfits, and “On Me” includes Sehun’s dog, Vivi, which is the greatest recommendation I can give.

1) This song is just so, like, gently funky. 2) When they come in for the “I cry, I cry, I cry, I cry”… I sure do cry!!! 3) Moon’s voice is GORGEOUS. 4) Chanyeol’s orange-yellow blush!! 5) I love Chanyeol’s mullet with my entire soul. 6) catch the “oppa do you sarang me?” @ 2:00 LMAO

This song is just really fun and chill, which is what I’ve come to expect as EXO-SC’s overall vibe. I love the scene with Chanyeol pulling up his pink French fry-patterned sock, I love how Chanyeol’s lavender hair matches his striped lavender shirt, I love all their The Office-worthy looks into the camera, and I LOVE SEHUN’S ABSOLUTELY PERFECT SWEATER.

I truly was not expecting Sehun’s solo to be one of my top 3 tracks on this album, but it is! It’s darker and noisier than the other songs, but IMO it really works with his voice (and the choreo really works with the dance style Sehun seems to prefer). Aside from Sehun’s dog Vivi (a very good boy), the music video also features Sehun on a horse(!), Sehun surrounded by a bunch of women backup dancers(!!), and Sehun wearing double belts on his jeans that, inexplicably, have double waistbands.

…cried laughing at this video of WayV playing what is essentially Telephone Pictionary. I love CHAOS.

…got very quietly excited that SHINee’s Onew is back from his military service. You could say that… SHINee’s back.

…have been stressing out over our up-in-the-air housing situation and the dumb detail of where I’m going to get all my packages delivered for the long-running orders I have (a lot of outstanding group order items, a bunch of pre-order items, and a bunch of orders at small stores with long turnaround times). I’ve contacted every company/person I need to, but I haven’t heard back from everyone yet and I am STRESSED.

…edited a friend’s med school apps (the same friend as before), helped a friend edit their Hinny fic (I didn’t have much of a hand in the first 2 chapters, but I did in Chapter 3, which is my favorite chapter for very biased reasons), and helped a friend sort out their thoughts for their writing class homework.

…WROTE!!! I finally got through a long and difficult scene I’ve been semi-dreading, and now I can MOVE ON!!!

To end this post, I leave you with these fancams of Seulgi from Red Velvet:

🔥 this outfit 🔥

THIS outfit… 🥵 And her little wave at the end… 🥺

💗💜💙 I LOVE LEG!!!!!!!!!!! 💗💜💙

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